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Consent In Action! Intensive 


Our industry is EVOLVING.

Are you ready for what’s next?

Hosted by 20-year acting coach, Distress & Intimacy Coordinator and Consent Educator, Lindsay Frame Buss, joined by guest Artist, Activist and Instructor Anya Pearson and Combat and Intimacy Coordinator Megan Carver.

Experience the radical impact of Practical Consent in your work as an actor. Develop practices to embody intense or intimate story events in a healthy way. Uplevel your communication on set to clarify your needs, hold your boundaries and be a presence for innovation. Create a dynamic personal system so you can thrive as an artist, as a human and as a professional.


This deep dive into consent-forward artistry empowers your process with supportive acting exercises, consent-based tools, boundary communication, somatic attunement, community building, and awesome storytelling!  


Prior to the workshop actors will receive three Sustainable Actor* preparation videos and a Practical Consent Workbook to prepare. The workshop itself will be an incorporation of that preparation through group exercises, individual reflection, partner communication and on-camera scene study. The actors who consent to recording will also receive their footage after the workshop is complete.


Remember your story. Reclaim your work. 

Rewild your Creative Spirit.

*Anchored in the principles of Equity & Well-being, Sustainable Actor workspaces are consent-forward, trauma-informed, joy-centered, diversity-affirming, and always co-creative.


Click here to learn more about Sustainable Actor Collective & Lindsay Frame Buss

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