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is a program designed to uplift Creative Professionals artistically & technically.




             training program for the conscious, contemporary actor & creator, Sustainable Actor Collective promotes a progressive, "ecological" system of personal and professional tools that sets you up to succeed.


With Community as our foundation, Storytelling as our vehicle, and Humanity as our source of boundless, creative potential, artists explore the edges of possibility.


SAC's commitment to consent-forward, trauma-informed, joy-centered, diversity-affirming work is unwavering.





With 20 years’ experience coaching actors,

Lindsay Frame Buss, promotes an ecologically-balanced artistic technique and sustainable, professional network.


As an Acting Coach and Distress & Intimacy Coordinator on set, she advocates for well-being and

supportive, equitable work spaces.


HUMOR, WHIMSY, & PLAY are also fundamental parts of her ethos, believing we can unite through joy, even as we boldly acknowledge the struggles of our humanity.



On a cool Georgia morning, October 2020, around 3:30AM, I woke up with the concept of Sustainable Actor spiraling in my mind. I got up immediately to write it down; I couldn’t risk losing it to the unpredictability of my, often flawed, memory. Quite serendipitously, that same day, a creative comrade of mine, Malik J. Ali, reached out to see if I would be willing to sit in on one of his classes. I told him about my vision and he offered to commit two months developing it with me. He has since created a program called Acts of Freedom, based on his own work, and I have continued to develop the Sustainable Actor in Atlanta, Los Angeles, online and beyond! Although the curriculum is my creation, it is inspired and informed by the work of countless artists, activists, and educators at the forefront of Social Justice, Environmentalism, Black Liberation, Decolonization, Trauma-Informed Care, Wellness & Storytelling. I give each of them credit for this program. This space will continually evolve as we evolve and your participation is a part of that evolution. Before taking this leap I was part of Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop, Los Angeles, for over 20 years. My journey with Anthony began on September 2, 2001 at a  festival called Wigstock, held on the old 14th street Pier in Manhattan. By August 2002, I was in a tiny theater on 3rd Street in West Hollywood (now a wine bar!) taking my first class with Anthony. I began teaching with him in 2004 and the rest is history. I taught with AMAW in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver, Toronto, London, Dallas, Portland and Atlanta. Taking the leap to teach creative content of my own is both exhilarating and extraordinarily vulnerable. I guess we’re in this together. Thank you for being here.




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What is Sustainable Actor Collective? SAC is an actors’ studio based in Atlanta with workshops online, in Los Angeles, and worldwide. It is founded on the principles of Equity and Sustainability with a vision to be part of the movements for positive change in the Film, Television and Storytelling Industries. SAC is a program supporting the technical, artistic and professional work of actors, whether they are creating as a career or just for the love of Story. All classes are consent-forward, trauma-informed and inclusive of all creators.

How much are classes? Prices for coaching and workshops vary, however, we always intend to price them fairly. Accessible Pricing options are available for those seeking resource support. Please see our Services and Classes pages for distinct pricing. If you are not currently resourced to pay full price, but share our passion for Sustainable Creating, please email us directly.

What does “consent-forward” and “trauma-informed” mean? Personal and collective well-being are fundamental to creating sustainably. Much of the program is inspired by Lindsay’s work as a Distress & Intimacy Coordinator as well as her passion for equitable, inclusive, joy-centered work spaces. Training in Best Practices of consent & boundaries, inclusion, intimacy work, equitable power dynamics and diversity affirmation are woven into the curriculum. Lindsay’s certificates in somatic work, breathwork, Mental Health First Aid and trauma-informed care establish the fundamental intention to “do no harm” in the work and our community.

What is an Distress Intimacy Coordinator? Intimacy Coordinators are becoming more and more common on professional sets. They act as advocates, choreographers and an overall support system for actors in productions with simulated intimacy and/or intercourse. Distress Coordinators work similarly, as advocates, choreographers and an overall support system, to optimize story events that include extreme emotion, depictions of assault, bullying, violence or any other intense content. Lindsay is a trained Distress & Intimacy Coordinator and is passionate about the development of both positions to uplift the creative process in professional settings. If you are an actor, director or producer interested in information about hiring Lindsay, contact us.

Where can I take class? There are monthly offerings of in-person classes in Atlanta, frequent workshops in Los Angeles, classes every month online and FREE Eco-Creative Breathwork every Thursday on Zoom. See our CLASSES page for more info. We will also be visiting cities around the world including Copenhagen, Mexico City, New York, Vancouver and more! Sign up for our newsletter to stay caught up on all the experiences available.

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