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R.A.W. Scene Study


R.A.W. Scene Study:

R.A.W. stands for Radically Aware Workspace!

Deep dive into an empowering, wellness-centered, on-camera scene study for the conscious, contemporary actor. Lindsay Frame Buss - 20-year acting coach and Distress & Intimacy Coordinator - incorporates creative, intuitive, & technical acting tools including:

  • script investigation

  • wild story play

  • boundary communication

  • somatic awareness

  • on-set technique

  • and whatever else arises to inspire our co-creative space!


Sustainable Actor Collective's commitment to consent-forward, joy-centered, diversity-affirming storytelling is unwavering. 

Accessible Pricing: $110-$190 monthly

Remember your story! Reclaim your work!

Rewild your creative spirit!

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